Where is Nova Scotia?
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Life in Nova Scotia

beach sceneSpectacular ocean vistas, vibrant urban centres and quaint small towns, complimented by a people who believe it's not only possible to find balance, but part of what defines them.

Life in Nova Scotia is all that and so much more.

It's a feeling.

The peace of mind you have despite forgetting to lock your back door. The sense of wellness you feel when you arrive at the cottage in 20 minutes on the Friday afternoon before a long weekend. The memories that stir when the smell of salt reaches your nose or a soft ocean breeze caresses your face. The joy that erupts when your kids walk to school on the first cool day of fall.

Roughly one million people call Nova Scotia home, and once they are here, they never want to leave. Maybe it's our 7,500 kilometres of shoreline. Maybe it's our world-class cuisine, or the famous warmth of our people. It's different for everyone. But rest assured, once you find your reason, you'll never forget it.

See for yourself. Start your tour here.

Bluennose sailing ship

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